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White Toner Printer - "Peanut"

What/Who is "Peanut"?

That's a great question and the simple answer is that "Peanut" is our new white toner printer. Does that answer your question? Probably not!

Our white toner printer allows us to print full color transfers that can then be heat transferred onto any type and color of fabric such as T-shirts, koozies, tote bags, etc. This is a process we do in-house and is perfect for those small orders, quick turnarounds, and multiple size shirts in the same order such as toddler, youth and adult.

The advantages of this process is that there are no set-up fees, the artwork can be enlarged or reduced in size and we can just do one shirts - of course you save on costs when you do multiples.

Take a look at some of the fun things we have done and give us a call to have your own custom shirts made.

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