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Cable TV

Looking to advertise on Cable TV? We have a Comcast representative we've worked with for several years which is important when it comes to the myriad of options that are available today:

  • Local and national stations

  • Comcast vs. FIOS

    • Locally, we can put you on both at the same time​

  • Specific programming

  • Geographical locations

  • Cable vs. Internet vs. Mobile

What do you need to know

Of course you need a professionally produced video or animation. These should be 15-30 seconds in length. Usually the 15 second is an abridged version of the longer one and can be introduced into the mix only after the 30 second commercial has been aired for awhile. And you can also use the shorter versions as bookends.


Don't forget a call to action

Call (215) 555-1212 Today...     Visit Today!...     Text 123 to 456 Today!

How often will my commercial be shown

What channels, shows and times your advertisement will play all depends on your target audience and budget.


The demographics are determined by the person who would use use/purchase/need your product or service and what type of shows they prefer to watch. This also takes in account what time of day or night they are most likely to watch their favorite programs. This isn't always obvious. Some channels (not just specific shows) are watched more by one age group than another. And your target audience isn't always the person that will use your service.


Budget also plays a large role in how often you'll see your advertisement. You might not be able to play one commercial on your favorite show, but you might be able to have it air several times on another one giving you a wider audience. The opposite is also true. Maybe instead of showing it 4 times on one show, you might be able to have it play just once on a more popular time slot. And don't forget the other options of the internet and mobile apps.

It can get confusing

It sure can and that's why you want to work with someone that can help you through all the choices available whether that be TV, Internet or a Mobile device.

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