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Printed Media

Yes, people still get the newspaper or their favorite magazine or trade publication in the mail! And advertising in them can still be a great way to market your services.


Many print publications now offer an electronic version that also offers advertisements with links to your website, Facebook or even YouTube pages!

Most professional publications prefer to work with an agency for several reasons:

  • They don't have to teach an agency on how to create an ad for print

  • Their graphic department should already know all the specifications that are needed for a great ad

    • Full color: SWOP 20; Press Quality PDF; .125" bleed​; crop marks

    • B&W newspaper: 30% dot gain; Press Quality PDF; .125" bleed; crop marks

  • An agency already knows how to read over a 'media kit' provided by the publisher that will provide​​

    • Monthly editorials​

    • Monthly theme

    • Department articles

    • General articles

  • Media kits also include:

    • Demographics of its readers​

    • Ad size and pricing

    • Size of ads and their costs

Why use an agency

In most cases, an agency will receive a discount from the published prices – saving the client costs from having to pay extra for working with the publisher. The publication is not supposed to offer this discount directly.

Also, an agency can help with the following:

  • Agencies, at times, can also negotiate better than listed ad placement pricing

    • Get a 6 month ad placement rate for a guarantee of placing the add for only 3 months​

  • Determine which months are the best to advertise

    • Remember, there may be a theme for a particular month that matches your services​

  • They may be able to get you preferential placement

    • Maybe right next to an editorial that talks about your products​

  • The right side page can often be a better placement than a left​

  • You may also want to consider the electronic versions as well

  • Your agency should also be the one creating the graphics for your ad

In the end, it's the agency that builds the relationship with the publisher and it's that relationship that can get you preferential placement, budgetary consideration, editorial authorships and much more.

If you're selling a product from a major manufacturer,

have you considered asking them if they offer a co-op?

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