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Challenge Coins

This has been the hot item for us over the past few months. We love the opportunity to design and create them and then have the final design converted into actual metal coins.

You may be asking…..what is a challenge coin?

A challenge coin is a small metal coin that can fit into the palm of your hand. They are designed to recognize special achievements or to show membership or support of an organization or team. The coins can come in different metals such as shiny silver or gold, brass or antiqued finishes. The sides are usually decorated with enamel paint or screen printing.

Challenge coins go back a long way, some say they started with the Romans. A challenge coin is usually exchanged in a handshake with the coin passing from the giver to the receiver.  A challenge can be called when a group of individuals from the same organization are out drinking and a coin check is initiated. The person who does not have their coin handy is responsible for paying for that round of drinks - the same holds true of someone drops their coin.

Challenge Coins-Warrington PD

Warrington Police
50th Anniversary

While the tradition of handing out challenge coins started in the military and with first responders to show membership, tours of duty, and unity, the use has now expanded to other groups including businesses, clubs, educational centers, sports teams, and non-profits.

Challenge coins have become highly collectable and are a great fund-raising tool. They can also be used to recognize anniversaries, banquets, employee achievement, club memberships, sponsorships, etc.

When ordering and designing a challenge coin you have a great number of variables to select from such as:

  • Size - starting at 1 1/4" to 2" - our most popular is the 2"

  • Color - from no color to two-tone to full color on one or both sides

  • Edge - standard, rope, bezel, leaf, diamond cut, spur, cross cut and oblique line

  • Plating - antique finish in brass, gold, copper or silver; shiny finish in gold, copper or silver; two-tone; black metal or nickel

  • Background - standard, sandblast or matte

  • Packaging - PVC or velour pouch, coin capsule, or velour box

Call us today at 215-343-2499 and let's get started on designing your challenge coin today.

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