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Email Marketing

Looking for a great way to keep what we call ‘Face Time’? Email Marketing – also referred to as email blasts – is a very effective way to stay in front of your customers. And the costs can be very budget friendly!


Using a dedicated platform like Constant Contact, you can reach your customer base weekly, monthly or any time an urgent message needs to be sent. Use blasts for:

  • What’s News

  • Project updates

  • New product or service announcements

  • Introduction to new associates

  • Customer of the month

  • Monthly How-To’s

  • Upcoming classes and seminars

    • You can use Event services for sign ups and payments as well

  • And so much more!

Email Marketing

Why use a dedicated service?


Most email providers limit you to the number of emails you can send on a daily basis. For example, with GoDaddy’s basic email service, you are limited to 250 relays/day. If you attempt to send more, they could be blocked. Worse yet, your email address could be labeled as a spammer and then you get blacklisted – fixing that status is not an easy process!!!


There are several other advantages in using a service like Constant Contact. Here are just a few!

  • Your email newsletters are custom designed, so they look great!

  • You can store as many email addresses on their server as you want

    • Including the email address, name, company, etc.

  • Emails can be put into different groups – this makes targeting a blast easy

  • There are no limits to the number of eNewsletters you send out daily, weekly or monthly

  • Your monthly cost is based on the number of email addresses you are storing

    • For example, the current price for up to 500 emails is only $20/month!

  • Include links to your website or other social platforms, blogs, etc.

  • Add coupons

  • And you get reports letting you know:

    • How many went out

    • How many were opened

    • WHO opened the email and WHEN

    • What links were used and how many times they were utilized

    • There’s more information provided on these self-generated reports

How do I get people to sign up?


That’s a great question! There are severals ways to sign folks up and lots of ways not to do it.

SPAM ALERT: You CANNOT use purchased email lists – this is considered SPAM. And most of your services like Constant Contact work very closely with the major email service providers to help keep spam to a minimum. Your account will be shut down if they find too many email addresses associated with these types of lists.

But there are other ways to get clients to sign up:

  • Create a sign up link on your website

  • Offer a coupon or discount if they sign up

    • This can be setup as an automated process!

  • Best practice is to only ask for an email address and first name

    • Many people aren’t comfortable with websites asking for lots of information

  • Send your customers a regular email asking them to sign up and include a link

    • Or tell them to visit your website and click the link there so they know it’s a real request

  • Since a friend can send someone else one of your email newsletters, always ask for people to sign up if they haven’t

    • Don’t forget to mention a coupon or discount

  • If you have a physical location with a counter top, provide slips of paper where customers can sign up — and have a monthly drawing

Peregrine Associates is a master account holder with Constant Contact. This allows us direct access to help you with your settings, newsletters, reports and more.

Let us show you the benefits of this great marketing tool!!!

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