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Printing • Copies • Signage

Printing has always been known as the process of putting ink to paper, but now it is so much more.


Full color has become the norm and the variety of products that can be printed on range from paper to coroplast to vinyl to acrylic to metal.


While some of our work can be done in-house, other projects are sent to our speciality print shop. For those that just need simple copies, scans, emails or faxes we can provide that service at our office location.


Peregrine Associates will be happy to help you design your printed materials or you can supply us with a print-ready file.


Some of the print projects that we offer are listed below. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please reach out and ask, we will be happy to review your needs and provide a recommendation.


  • Flags

  • Greeting Cards

  • ID Cards

  • Invitations

  • Magnets

  • Note Cards

  • Post Cards

  • Scanning

  • Signage

  • Stationery

What our clients are saying...

"Excel Document Solutions has been a customer of Peregrine Associates for the past 10 years. They manage our website, print all of our marketing materials, provide Excel with all our company shirts, jackets and hoodies and all of Excel’s promotional materials. So, as you can see they provide Excel with a plethora of goods and services. Having one company take care of all those responsibilities is tremendous for “piece of mind” and especially accounts payable. And since they do such a tremendous job for us, we are always looking for additional avenues where they can assist us. Being a reference for Peregrine Associates is a “no brainer”!!"

– Bob Nieradka / Excel Document Solutions

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