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Animation is a great way to create videos for your Youtube, Facebook and Website marketing. Adding any type of video can increase website SEO juice as well as traffic because:

  • Viewers will link back to your website from another platform

  • Visitors watching the animation on your website will stay on your website much longer

  • Animation is unique content that your competition may not be using, so this can increase your SEO juice too!

Animation vs Video


There are times when using real actors can be difficult. Include with that searching for the perfect location, lighting, model releases and everything else that goes into a professional video production, animation may be the perfect alternative.

How do I start?


To begin with, make sure you have a definite message you want to convey then watch different styles of animation on Youtube and decide which style you prefer. Then reach out to a professional animator using the following guidelines:

  1. Go over your goals – be very specific

    1. The more information you give the better your experience throughout the process​

  2. Make sure they understand feel of the animation you prefer

    1. And ask if they have other ideas​

  3. They should then create a story board making sure you are in agreement with the message

  4. Your animator can then create some preliminary graphics to make sure you like the look and feel

  5. After approval of the story board and graphics, they can start working on the animation

  6. Make sure you are in constant communication with your animator so there are no surprises

  7. You should be given an initial completed animation

    1. Expect to make only minor changes/edits​

    2. And remember, your proposal most likely will include just a few, so you see why all the preliminary work and good communication is so important

  8. After approval of the final animation, make sure the file is saved in the format you'll need

Hope all this information helps!

If you'd like to learn more, reach out to us today!

One more caveat...

Make sure you have full ownership of your animation!

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