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Facebook Advertising

WOW, there are over 2.5 billion monthly active Facebook users…that’s a lot of potential sales!!!


How can Facebook advertising increase your business?


Advertising on Facebook isn’t much different than other types of media advertising. For example, if you wanted to place an ad in a local newspaper, you need to figure out which paper, what section best meets your target market, what message the ad should convey, how often it should run and what’s your ‘Call to Action’.

Facebook Advertising

With so many daily Facebook users, you should be able to reach your target market…you just need to make sure your message is of interest to them.

The Basics


  • Demographics: who is your potential client

    • Age, sex, geography, education, etc.

    • Who is your competition advertising to

    • What type of follower do you have on your own Facebook page

Remember, your target may not be the person who ultimately uses your products.

For example, if your business offers comfort and care for senior citizens, your audience may be the adult child who is looking for your services – not their parents.

  • What is your specific message – remember, short and sweet and to the point

  • Will a graphic or photo help convey your message

  • Create an interaction with you

    • Ask a question

    • Request a comment

  • ‘Call to Action’

    • A coupon

    • Offer something FREE

    • Create links to your website or your Facebook page

      • Check your analytics to see if they are working



The How To’s

  • Choose your demographics

  • Create a few different types of ads

  • Post them to reach your target market

  • Run them as much as your budget allows

  • After about a week or two, determine which one works best

  • Concentrate on that ad and continue to check your analytics

If you’re not comfortable doing all this, or you don’t feel your current Facebook advertising is really working, let us help you with your Facebook advertising campaign!

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