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Videos, much like animations, are great ways to increase traffic to your website as well as your YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms. Also, your Search Engine Optimization juice can increase quite a bit since this is still considered unique for websites.

  • Posted videos on your YouTube channel can link back to your site

  • Videos on your website will link to your YouTube channel

  • Get ahead of your competition – especially if they aren't doing videos

What do I need to know about Videos 


Have them done professionally. It's not just a matter of video taping, it's the quality of the editing that can make a so-so video look fantastic!


Professional editing tools can help with:

  • Adding Intros and Outros

  • Ghosting an image of your logo in the corner

  • Overlays of text where necessary

  • Timing/Cropping of individual segments

  • Transitions

  • Color/Brightness control

  • Making sure the sound is in sync

  • Adding audio: music, photos, etc.

    • That are not copyrighted​


How do I start?


A lot goes into creating a great video. First, make sure you are working with a videographer that you're comfortable with, listens to your ideas and offers great suggestions to make your dream become a reality!

Here are the basic guidelines you can follow:

  1. Go over your goals – be very specific

    1. The more information you give the better your experience throughout the process​

  2. Make sure they understand what you're looking for

    1. Offer links to videos you like​

  3. Your videographer should have some samples to show you

  4. They should then create a story board making sure you are in agreement with the message

  5. After approval of the story board, they will start with the preliminary steps that should include:

    1. Location – do you need permits

    2. Time of day to film

    3. Actors: make sure you have MODEL RELEASES for EVERYONE

    4. Scheduling

    5. Script

    6. Clothes

  6. Check with your videographer to make sure it's okay if you are on the shoot

    1. But remember, you are there not to direct but to observe

    2. Sometimes clients do get in the way which can cause delays and actually cost you more money in the end

  7. After the final shoot, the videographer will start the editing process​​

    1. In reality, a 1 minute video can take hours of video and even longer to edit properly

  8. You should be given an initial video

  9. Expect to make only minor changes/edits​

  10. After approval of the final project, make sure the file is saved in the format you'll need

Hope all this information helps!

If you'd like to learn more, reach out to us today!

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