Promotional Products

Whether you call them promotional products, swag, or tchotchkes, Peregrine Associates can help you find the right item to brand with your logo to match any budget. Let us do the research or feel free to look at our on-line catalogs. There are hundreds of thousands of items out there, so if you have an idea or theme, we would be happy to provide you with a virtual presentation of items to select from.


The most popular item out there continues to be pens and we have some great ones that we love to suggest, but don’t limit yourself, we have items that are perfect for outdoor events, pet friendly, healthcare themed, environmentally friendly, technology based or event specific, etc. Give us a call today and be amazed at what we can put your logo or tagline on.

What our clients are saying...

"I have used Peregrine Associates for many items from t-shirts to business cards to web page design & truck decals, and they have always come through with flying colors far exceeding my expectations, they are truly my one-stop shop."

– Robert Gordon / HazTec

Fall Special

Bamboo Cutting Board

Bamboo Cutting Board
  • Two-tone bamboo board

  • Naturally heat and bacteria resistant

  • Eco-friendly - 100% renewable resource

  • Laser engraved imprint

  • Meets FDA requirements

  • Due to natural variations in the grain, laser engraved imprints may have slightly different shades

  • 12" H x 9" W x 1/2" D

150 pieces

Regular Price $8.25 each

Special Price $7.70 each

Expires  12-20-22-

Pens with stylus

Pens with Stylus