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It takes more than just one person to create a web site. It takes experience in Marketing and Advertising, Graphics, Design, HTML Programming and Search Engine Optimization

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Email Marketing
Send email newsletters and coupons
Search Engine Optimization
Getting your site listed and noticed on the internet

Content Management System
Easy editing tool for every website we design.

View reports on how many visits you get, how long they stay on each page, bounces, and more!!!
Steps to building a website
Learn what it takes to build a website
 Web Animations
Check out some of these easy animations
 Technical Buzz Words
A glossary of all those terms
 Better photos for the web
Learn how to prepare photos for the web



  • With Peregrine Associates, you get a team who will listen to what you want your web site to do and how it should look. A professional web site needs to navigate well, understand the limitations of many who surf the internet, have the right type of graphics and be programmed well.


  • Our websites are designed with a Content Management System (CMS). This allows you, the client, to update and maintain the content of the site without any programming skills or software to download. In fact, as long as you have access to the internet and know how to use a word processor, you’ll be keeping your website up-to-date with copy, graphics and new photographs!


  • We also provide Search Engine Optimization to fit several budgets. With the improvements in today’s search engine technology, it’s no longer just good enough to list a few metatags/keywords on your website. You should list them on every page, have them hand-submitted and make sure your website is posted on as many other sites as possible.


  • Finally, we offer analytics so you know how many visits you get, what search engines are being used to find you, what pages are being visited and so much more!

Whether you need your site to offer basic information or provide sales online, email or call us at (215) 343-2499. We’ll sit with you, listen to your needs and help you develop a web solution that’s right for you!



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